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Mobile Clinic - Jumbo Express

"Jumbo Express " the project for rescue and medical care for elephants in remote areas. Includes elephant groups used for logging, trekking and domestic elephants at hill tribal villages used for work.

This clinic is self funded with a majority of financial help from travel sales via this site and Gem Travel. Jumbo express attends to elephants across the north. As you can image an elephant requires large amounts of medicine when sick. Imported expensive is expensive and we are most grateful for the assistance we have received from local hospitals, clinics and doctors.

Volunteers from Japan help to administer medicines to a sick elephant
Volunteers from Japan help to administer medicines to a sick elephant

Many of the mahouts (elephant trainers) are poor and cannot afford expensive quantities of medicine for their elephants. Most of the care needed involves cleaning damaged skin tissues, parasites and cuts caused by over zealous elephant handlers. After treatment time is given to educating the owners and trainers as to how to control the elephant and treat them in a humane manner and administer basic medicines, clean wounds and check for parasites. Volunteers also help with these procedures.

Some of these poor creatures live deep in the jungle. Four wheel drives, bamboo rafts and half day treks over arduous terrain are common.

Lek and her crew including the guest veterinarians and their volunteers journey to the mountainous home of the elephants every week. In the jungle they give badly needed  medical take care, education and advice to the local elephants keepers.  Medicine is provided to treat the sick elephants. This area is deep in the jungles and forests, there is no road and the team has to walk at least over 4 hours to each destination. Some areas require 4WD vehicles to transport medicine and equipment and often bamboo river rafting is required. However difficult or inconvenient the journey the crew will travel to help the elephants and  Jumbo Express still continues the free service to elephants who so desperately need help.

It is jumbo express policy to give assistance when needed regardless of politics. This year several logging elephants which were on stimulants were treated. Whilst this is a very saddening thing these elephants still requires medical care. Naturally we disapprove of ill treatment of any animal but help was given to the sick elephant who had no choice in the tasks it was set. 

Elephants requiring aid be given it. If we can help lessen their suffering then we will not hesitate to help.

Home > Elephant Nature Park > Mobile Clinic

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