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The herd has sub groups that prefer each others company!
The herd has sub groups
that prefer each others

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Our Elephant Herd

Bio's and information on Elephant Nature Park's herd


Elephant Nature Park Herd

  Aura An infant arrives shortly after her birth to a life of freedom
  Boon Khum The tusker whose pride and joy almost cost him his life
  Dork Nguan The silver flower whose life of tricks ends in retirement at the park
  Hope The orphan who found a friend and, finally, sanctuary
  Jokia The blind elephant that has finally found a place to live a natural life
  Jungle Boy Born in the jungle but having to go back to work
  Khum Min Back problems from years of trekking brought him to our park
  Liberty Born at Elephant Haven and named by internet site visitors.
  Lilly Logging elephant cured with love and care
  Malai Tong A landmine victim comes to the park
  Mae Bia Retirement never seemed so sweet
  Mae Boon Gives birth, is rescued and reunited with old friends
  Mae Boon Ma The almost White Elephant spared from logging and trekking
  Mae Bua Tong Loving mother finally gets a chance to live a natural life
  Mae Dta Keow Recovering from a life of abuse
  Mae Elu The park's auntie elephant that adores the calves of our herd
  Mae Kaew The petite trekking elephant we call mini me
  Mae Kham Sai The purple elephant
  Mae Mai Trekking the hills of Pai cause severe health problems
  Mae Perm The grand mother ambassador and gentlest elephant on earth
  Mae Toh Koh Long legs recovers from years of abuse and finds a new home
  Medo Working female close to death when rescued by our park
  Maximus On of Thailands tallest bull elephants
  Phu Pa The amorous young male that doesn't always succeed with the ladies
  Pooky The young stud
  Sao Yai The caring mother of Liberty
  Somboon The street beggar that found a new life with our herd
  Sri Nuan Suring elephant that lost a calf
  Thai Another rescue from the lonely life of the streets
  Tong Jan Trekking elephant that heals at the park

In Loving Memory

  Ging Mai A miraculous survival tale of a baby trapped between trees for the first days of his life.
  Jabu Feet problems brought her to the Haven
  Thong Bai  


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