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How You Can Help

  1. Buy a medical kit to treat our elephants from our online store
  2. Let people at home know that there are only 30,000 Asian elephants left on the planet. (Imagine this in human terms, as under a third of a Wembley cup-final or Super Bowl crowd)
  3. Do not support elephant poachers by buying ivory or skin products. If you own ivory already don not glamorise it by wearing it. Demand causes death to these innocent creatures.
  4. Check the merchandise of your local stores. If ivory or other elephant body products are for sale contact the store management to let them know that you oppose the sale of these items and, until removed, will not use this store again.
  5. Call your local zoo and ask if they are involved in any overseas elephant conservation projects. They may have "elephant days" and other such schemes. You may even get to help out as a volunteer. Tell them about us; co-operation is the best way for the elephant's survival.
  6. Send letters to the editor of your local newspapers describing the plight of the elephant and how we can all assist in their survival
  7. Tell your friends overseas that they are welcome to visit our web-site.
  8. Order something from our on-line shop - proceeds help!
  9. Join the park as a volunteer. More info
  10. Support The Serengati Foundation's efforts  Support The Serengati Foundation's efforts More info [a 501c3 non profit organization]


Ivory, that beauful gift item responsible for millions of dead


Elephant killed for it's tusks

Home > Elephant Nature Park > How You can help

Elephant Nature Park