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Visiting Northern Thailand Learn more about this intriguing region. This well-designed site even lets you book discounted accommodation, gives you unique tour ideas, cultural / historical insight and much more. Bookmarks will be necessary as there's a lot of information there and it's frequently updated.

Elephant Links in alphabetical order

All for elephants Amanda's site promoting her work in California

Bill Jordan Wildlife Defence Fund working to oppose and alleviate all forms of cruelty to wildlife

Cambodian Wild Rescue Cambodian Wild Rescue: A non-profit group of animal conservationists at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center (PTWRC), located 40km outside of Phnom Penh.

Ele-Aid UK based  concern to raise money for a variety of projects

Elephants.com Carol Buckley's Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Elephant Alliance US based charity.

Elephant Info Site with many links and cursory info about Asian and African elephants.

Elephant haven.com  Chas Begley's mammoth trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with three elephants who are to be free upon arrival in the North.

Friends of the Elephant  Elephant information and fund raiser based in the Netherlands

Jodies Jungle Elephants of interest. Elephant stories and updates, how we can help.

Kruger Park arranges cultural, adventure, wildlife and wilderness experiences in Kruger National Park, southern Africa.

More elephant links

Serengeti Foundation A foundation that has made a major impact on elephant conservation in Asia and elsewhere. Other Link

Wildaid Wildaid: A UK based organization that operates conservation projects around the world

Other Links More from the main Thaifocus links page.

Home > Elephant Nature Park > Links

Elephant Nature Park