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Park and Chiang Mai city floods

12 Aug 0930 am. The park was under a meter of water as floods caught us unaware. We managed to take all the elephants to the high land. Most the animals are Ok accept for some dogs that were injured as they swam to try to cross the river. The currents were too strong and pieces of drift wood cut and hurt them as they tried to cross. All the roads to the park were cut from mud slides. We couldn't move our belongings due to lack of time and our primary concern for the animals. The whole village and valley is under water. The rain is non stop and is still continuing which make us worry more. All our grass plantation for the elephants are under thick mud.

Last night I have to take the injured dogs to the vet and drive to the city. We race with the river floods as they follow us to the city. But it was too late when I arrive at the office every thing under the water. Our furniture and equipment is damages, tables and paper floating around the office.

The electric has been cut and the streets have become canals.

The government announced this morning that the river level will rise because a dam is full to capacity. The floodgates will then open and the water will force the Ping river to burst and flood Chiang Mai city. The river levels are about half a meter high at 1100 am as I take my dogs and cats to the top of the building. My old blind dog, Dali, tried to get down to the ground floor but when his feet touch the cold water he is confused and starts to moan.

The electric has been cut and the streets have become canals. No car can come to our area of town. Stall holders and people at the night market are alos unprepared. Their goods are under water. At our office we tie the chairs and tables to the pole or else they will float away

I just want to let you know that we may not be able to get e-mail or answer the phone for a day or two, until the flood waters drain away.

Park buildings damaged

Our city office

The park huts damaged

Floating poodles in Chiang Mai

The surging river

Rain sodden earth





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