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Home > Elephant News > Mae Bia Elephant Rescue

Elephant Rescue

Mae Bia finds a home for life - Oct 05

Mae Bia was a grand old lady and, according to her registration papers, was 85 years old. Her long life reflected that of many other elephants. She had been hauling logs as a youngster then, some 15 years ago, was moved into the trekking business. An elephant's life span is similar to our own and, at 70 years old, she should have been happily retired and enjoying her twilight years.

Last July we had a call from her owner who though her too old to carry tourists on her weary back. They wanted to sell her as she had outlived her usefulness to them. We visited her and found that she was in reasonable condition for her age. We did not have the funds available to take her at this stage and we needed time to raise the money for her release. We visited her regularly as we waited to rescue her. This months visit showed her health rapidly declining and she was thin and gaunt. Around her head were many wounds and cuts and her ears were badly infected.

With the generous help of Michael and Sheila Medlar from UK we were able to buy her freedom and bring Mae Bia to the new home.

Today Mae Bia came to join her old friend Thong Bai who was working at the same trekking camp.


The day she arrived at the park Mae Bia walked direct to the grass field and ate ravenously. She approached Boonma and Lilly and they went together to the river. Today she introduced herself to most of the herd. She is still shy and not confident to visit all the elephants at our park. This is usual for most arrivals and I wonder how they recount each of their own stories to each other.

Mae Bia likes to stand under the shade of trees and sleep during the day.

Mae Bia meeting the herd
Meeting the herd

At the park we try out new nutrition for all our golden age elephants. They seem to enjoy our new recipe.

Thanks again for Mr and Mrs Medlar who have given new lease of life for Mae Bia in her retirement years. You have made one old lady very happy.

Home > Elephant News > Mae Bia Elephant Rescue




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