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Home > Elephant News > A new girl at the park

Animal Rescue

Veggie thought it was ribs for her but now thinks she is in heaven Oct 05

I left the park at 6 am on the way from the park and drove to the highway. I saw a little white calf laying still in the middle of the street. I asked my driver to stop. When he saw the calf he told me it was dead. I was not so sure, I asked him to turn the car around so that I could see for myself. As we turned a villager started to lift the young cow. He told me us wanted the calf for meat. Making him put the calf down again I touched the calf’s still body and found that she was not dead but merely unconscious. I ask the villager to keep her for a while so that I could call a vet. He did not agree and claimed he had found her and had the right to her meat and that, as I am not her owner, I could not stop him. I sent Chom, my driver, to go to the police station to ask for help. The real owner of the calf as also at the police station to report the loss of his cow. He told the police that he is on his way to delivery this baby cow to the slaughter house and that cow had fallen from his truck along the way.

I asked him to buy this baby cow. He looked puzzled and asked me why I want to buy a dead cow. I told him that I want to give that baby cow the chance to live. We negotiated, he agree to sell, and he helped transport the baby cow to the park. Along the way I heard him talk ont his phone to the slaughter house about the delivery of another cow. This was a sister of this calf in our care. The sister is bigger and will fetch him a better price.

On the way to the park the car went along a bumpy dirt road. The jarring woke the baby cow, her eyes sprang open, and she looked at me in surprise. I pat her and try to calm her down and tell her that we will be going to a new home where no one can harm her again. She lick my hand and closed her eyes then went back to sleep. The ordeal had made her look very tired.

As she arrived at the park we have to carry her down from the truck because she had injuries all over her body. She accepted warm milk from us and then went back to sleep again. Our young male dog named Louise gave her lots of attention. He watched us when we gave medicine to the baby cow. Later he licked her face then lay down beside her

A new cow seemed nervous to walk and eat, because our elephants paid so much attention to her. I decided to ask the man who sold her to bring the young calf’s sister to me. I wanted company for our new arrival and also I wanted to save the other cow from the slaughter house. Three hours later the other calf arrived. She is ginger colour. She walked to lick her younger sister and we heard the first call from both of them to each other.

They are now secure in the new warm shelter. We decided to name them Veggi and Tarian to remind all of us not to want to eat our beautiful friends.

Home > Elephant News > A new girl at the park


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