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Home > Elephant News > Boon Rod report

Boon Rod Report

Settling in for a more peaceful life - Oct 05

Boon Rod came to our park in July and soon showed her own strong character and intelligence. She selected Jobaan and her family as the group she wished to belong to. She is so proud of her new companionship and shows her love in protecting Jobaan's new baby.

She loves to take long baths and stays close to her little brother in the river, using her trunk to periodically check if he is safe and well. She loves to swim in the river hours every day, but as soon as her little brother gets out of the water she immediately follows him. She never moves far from him and he uses her as a sun shade while resting in the fields.

Even though it just a couple of months since her arrival at the park it seems the herd are helping to heal from her nightmares. She become a new elephant, friendly and enjoying life as a teenage elephant. Some time she act like a big sister by showing responsibility for the others.

Thanks for Bill Jordan Wildlife foundation UK for helping our park to rescue her from from the street and bring her a new lease of life.

Boon Rod's story

Home > Elephant News > Boon Rod Report




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