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December 05 newsletter

Elephant rescues, international awards and the year in review

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you. We appreciate the selfless help of all who have spent time at our park and those who have assisted our projects from around the world. The Elephants deeply appreciate your help.

Elephants Rescued in 2005

Since January 2005 to December 2005  Elephant Nature Park rescued 15 needy elephants - brought them to the park and offered freedom from over work and abuse. We thank our helpers and sponsors for their kindness.

Mae Bia was one of 15 lucky elephants that enjoy a natural habitat at the park. She is now free from abuse and living a happy life
  1. Thong Bai  (female) age 80 sponsor by Bert Von Roemer from Serengeti Foundation upkeep by Linda Reifshnider, Louisiana USA
  2. Mae Mai (Female) age 48 Sponsor by Roy Fudge , Adelaide , Australia help for upkeep by Kate Willsmith and Steve
  3. Mae-Bua Thong sponsor by  Mr Tim Daniel and family UK & EleAid UK by Charles David Begley
  4. Thong Jan (7 months) Baby of Mae Bua Thong Sponsor by Mr Tim , Sarah , Olivia Daniel from UK
  5. Kham Sai (female) Sponsored by Connie Speigh, Elephant Umbrella fund, Santa Barbara CA, USA
  6. Mae Bia  (female) aged 85 sponsored rescue by Mr + Mrs Medlar
    Sponsored upkeep by Kate Wilesmith and Stephen Lynn from UK
  7. Boon Rod (female) age 6 years old, rescued from street walking , Sponsor to keep her to stay in the park by Bill Jordan defense wild life UK (lease and temporary stay)
  8. Mae Elu (female) age 38 rescued from the trekking camp, Sponsor by Elephant Nature Park (Lease and temporary stay)
  9. Pupa (male) age 20 year old rescued from the Treking camp, sponsored upkeep by Mr Greg Code, CA, USA (temporary stay)
  10. Jobaan (female) age 40 rescued from tourist camp, sponsored upkeep by Elephant Nature Park
  11. Ka-Noon (male) age 3 months born at the park Jobaan’s baby  sponsor to keep by Elephant Nature park (temporary stay)
  12. Mae Boon (female) aged 49 rescued from tourist camp sponsored upkeep by Roger Mann, Elephant Kingdom UK
  13. Aura (girl) aged 8 months (Mae Boon’s baby) sponsored upkeep for freedom by Elephant Kingdom UK by Roger Mann
  14. Malai Tong (female) aged 20 rescued from street begging, sponsored by Mrs Nancy and Mr Tony Mann UK
  15. Mae Boonma (Female) aged 78 rescued from Tourist camp sponsored upkeep by Miss Hope, CA USA

Thai Support keep out winter chills

Winter started here at the beginning of December and the temperature was cooler than other years. Thailand nation forecast  reported this month as the coldest in 40 years. When the season start we prepared warm blankets for our elephants at night. This is necessary, especially the group of the older elephants. Mae Bia ,Mae Mai , Thong Bai shook with cold. Every evening our mahouts covered them with blankets. Kind support came from a Bangkok company called "Nong Ice Transport" who donated blankets and medicine for mahouts and elephants on 22 December 2005. We deeply appreciate their kindness over this crucial period at our park.

Lek named Time Magazine Hero of Asia 2005

 Time Magazine's Asian Heroes of 2005 honoured our founder Ms Lek Chailert in recognition for her work with ... yes you guessed it ... elephants

Abbot monk brings group to visit park and join our campaign 

Since Time magazine named Lek as a Hero of Asia 2005 awareness was raised which caused fresh interest by the Thai press. Major press and media followed Lek's story and suddenly she have more visitor coming from all over Thailand to see her work. This included the monk groups from all over the country. The abbot took the monk from his temple to visit and Lek educated them about the Elephant situation in Thailand. They were shown a video presentation about elephants situation in Thailand and research that she had worked on for several years. The monks left the park in tears and told her that from this day he promised that he will do any thing to help the elephants. Later the abbot (chief monk) came to visit every week with his guests bringing lots of food for the elephants. He also support the blessing to protect the forest and he brought monks from many temples to help Lek in her save forest project .

Every weekend, the abbot have take the young monks to learn about the elephants in the park and at the temple. He initiagted a program to educate the people about elephants and  he told Lek that he will make his monks group tspeak for the elephant and help Lek to save the beautiful giant.

ENP help to make the new hut for a needy  hill tribe family

 On 12 December 2005 , Elephant Nature Park shared a fund to help a needy Karen tribal family after the loss of their father 3 little children were left along with a wife Mrs Kuwa age 32.

Her husband  Debu  is an activist who fought to protect and save the forest around his own area. Debu has a motorbike accident and died on 26 November 2005, just two days he has returning from a protest at government offices in Bangkok.  He left behind 3 children and a wife in an old bamboo hut that looks like it will fall down at any time. When our Jumbo Express trip visited his village the head man, Mr Yoshi, asked us to help. We returned to build a hut in Karen Tribal style -  2 beds room kitchen and living room. With the help of the villagers and our volunteers, the new house is filled with the smiles of Debu's family again

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