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January 06 Newsletter

Feeling better

Baby Elephant update

After three weeks under the park care mother and baby getting better. The mother elephant has a tumor under her chest. It gives her pain every time when the baby needs to drink milk. Because of her sickness and she is not in health and can not provide enough milk. The baby then walks to Malai (the elephant damaged feet from a landmine) to take her dry milk. We have to make the milk for the baby and put the nipple beside Malai's nipple every time the baby walks to her. This day he accepted our milk and now he walks around and is more playful.

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Jumbo Express

19 Jan 06

On 19 January 2006 , our Jumbo Express team and volunteers visited a Karen Tribe village at Baan Mok Noi, South West of Chiang Mai city. We brought medicine packages and blankets to the villagers. All the children received much needed de-worming tablets. At night time our volunteer has the activities with the children at the camp fire. This time the village have see their first outsider and the people from Europe, so all of them come to join us sing a song and dance around the fire.

Save the forest with the villagers

20 Jan 06

January the dry season starts. Fire cause a lot of problems to the forest of Thailand. Last year more than 50 percent of the forest in Northern Thailand was burned, some area burned repeatedly. Many trees and animals died as a result of the prolonged burning.

Elephant Nature Park are concerned about the environment and we ran a project to educate the local and hill tribe people to save the forest. We have go to visit many area in the mountain areas and work together with the villager to save the forest. This season we made a fire break (clearing dry grass and wheat all around the mountain) with the villagers. We hope to do this every year to help save many mountains and encourage small trees to grown.

Karen Villagers welcome our team
Karen Villagers welcome our team

At the lunch time we have join the jungle picnic lunch with the hill tribe people. Thanks for Anita Marie Six ( USA), Jeff Smith (CAN) , Paul Clayton (AUS), Roberta Pauley(USA) Michael Nedelsky (CAN) Laura Colbert (USA) Maresa"Moose" Bossano & Adam Clamp (UK) John William Adkins (USA) Isabelle Fornorgan (AUS) Susan Donels(UK) Beth Charpentier USA and Rachel (SIN) and all of our Thai staff from the park for helping us to working hard to save the forest for both human and animal to stay in harmony. The work that our volunteers have done brought inspiration to our local villages and enabled them to stand up to protect their own areas. The head man Mr Yoshi has told us that the villager feel so honored to have volunteers from many country helping them protect the forest. He wondered what brought them and wondered why the people from far away concerned about the forest. So the head man told us that his people will work more to protect their own area.

From Street begging to the entrance at the park these two elephants have come a long way
From Street begging to the entrance at the park these two elephants have come a long way

Bring The Elephants Home

22 Jan 06

After the 4 weeks journey , finally Antoinette Van de Walter and the 2 elephants (Sri Nual) and Dok Ngern, the two female elephant that she rescued, arrived our park. Antoinette visited our project many years ago and she had been traveling with our Jumbo Express mobile clinic. During that time she have learned and saw the real situation of the Thai elephants, especially the elephants who work in the street of Bangkok; walking as beggars for food and money for their mahouts. With the love and passion for the elephant she decide to set up the fund and raise the money on her project call " Bring the elephant Home " The aims of project to save elephants from the street and educate the Thai people on the way of her journey. Antoinette brought 2 elephant. They stopped at Ayuttaya ( the old capital of Thailand, Lopburi and Sukothai province . On her journey they brought along a vet to provide free medical treatment to all animals, mainly dogs and cats. Mean while they have visited many school and educated the children about the elephants. See more details of the project at : www.bringelephanthome.nl


The Last White Elephant Book

Inspired by her stay at Elephant Nature Park Wendy Kerner decided to write a book.
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