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Love Children International Club and International School Volunteer groups visited our park -  Aug 06

International Student Volunteers Visit

On 12 August 2006, the park welcomed a group from International school volunteers who came to spend their time with our herd.

Children group visit

On 26 August 2006. Elephant Nature Park invited and welcomed the children from Love Children International Club (LCIC) to visit the herd at the park. Every year Elephant Nature Park provides this open day complimentary program for under-privileged Thai children (from young age to University age) to come to learn about the elephant in the park 

The kids from LCIC enjoyed time to feed the elephants, experience bathing the herd. They had lunch and practiced English language skills with our volunteer.  

Elephant Nature Park welcomes ISV group (above)
(below) LCIC Group photo

Elepahant Nature Park introductions

Interacting and learning at the park. A fun day was enjoyed by elephants and visitors.

Organizing student trips to our park


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