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River Wall Project

Erosion Prevention

Elephant Nature Park has experienced extreme flooding events in the past, and none more extreme than the floods of Sept 2005. Those floods left behind horrific erosion and devastation. We lost entire buildings, and a 100-year-old tree to the river. To prepare for future floods - to keep our elephants safe and stop dangerous erosion - we are creating a river wall.

The park is situated on a natural flood plain, and flooding here will always occur. This project is NOT intended to put an end to flooding completely, but rather to keep the river from sweeping straight through the park. The River Wall is designed to keep the major flow of the river on course, and to keep valuable soil and trees from being pulled into the water. This will stop dangerous currents from threatening the people and animals of the park. Devastating Erosion

Funding is not yet fully secured!

To make it all happen, to keep the park safe for years to come, it will cost in the range of 4.3 million Baht. That is a total of about US $110,000. As of May, we still have over US $50,000 left to raise.

Please HELP keep the park safe by donating to the River Wall Project

The project will be completed by June 2006, and we are making a final drive to collect the funds necessary. If we all pull together, it is not too late to gather these funds.

You can donate by visiting the website links below:

Project Details - with Elephant Nature Foundation

Update: April 11 - Serengeti is matching all funds donated

Sponsor a Gabion - with Eleaid


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