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Home > Elephant Nature Park > News > Elephant Stories

A Birth and a baby to name

January 2003

Video Footage!

It is always a delight to have the privilege of passing on wonderful news and this is exactly how I feel at this moment. We invite you to join in the celebration of this natural miracle.

Born 25 Jan at 3 PM to a 16 year old mother named, Sao Yai, Meg Ryan rode this elephant on a film shoot in 2000. The infant girls father is 20 years old and named Pooky. He has a handicap, a broken front leg, both parents are ex logging elephants

Enjoy the picture of our latest arrival and send your ideas for a name for her. We will judge the best one and send a congratulations certificate to you. Please use this form to send your suggestion.

OK Ready Now. Click here to find the chosen name for our infant

We wish to reflect on the feeling of "freedom" when naming this youngster AND the word doesn't necessarily have to be in English!
The name will be chosen from your input on Fri 14 Feb 02


Home > Elephant Nature Park > News > Elephant Stories

Elephant Nature Park