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17th Annual Genesis Awards

15 Mar 03

Video Footage!

Just days prior to the Oscars film awards Hollywood hosted an equivalent event to honour animal lovers and recognize their hard work and efforts. This year the event was organized under the auspice of the Humane Society of the United States. Our founder Lek was this years guest of honour.

The crowd rose to its feet as Lek walked to the podium. Gretchen Wyler, organizer since the events inception 17 years ago, said this was the best event ever!

Lek was nervous but delivered a speech that mesmerized and awed the audience.

Over 900 people had packed Beverly Hiltons Grand Ballroom stood and applauded as she finished. The star studded crowd included movie, TV and press stars. Amongst them Alex Baldwin of 'Sliver and Back-draft" movie fame. Kermit the frog and Moondog represented their respective species and Matt Gallon of Animal Planet made announcements

Gretchen has devoted her life to helping animals since 1966. Her work as a broadway actress includes original cast of 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Chicago' amongst many others

above left - William Baldwin / right Mat Gallant with Lek

This black-tie event was hosted by the Humane Society of the United States to recognise and commend animal conservationists from around the world. It was a chance for America to examine her conscience regarding the treatment of wild and farm animals as well as disregarded pets.

Lek was this years ‘Guest of Honour’ in recognition of her tireless efforts to save Thailand’s dwindling elephant population. The ceremony is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the United States and awards are desired by conservations around the world. Highlighting extraordinary human achievement in caring for and helping animals the awards ceremony is seen to be the pinnacle of many conservationists work.

Amongst the attendees, speakers and hosts were;
Gena Lee Nolin, Eric Roberts, William Baldwin, Linda Blair, Matt Gallant, Bill Maher, Michelle Phillips, Casper Van Dien, Steve Valentine, Karle Warren, Victor Webster, Amy Smart, Melissa Rivers, Shannon Elizabeth, Doris Roberts, Wendie Malick, Charlotte Ross, Michael Feinstein, Tippi Hedren, Catherine Oxenberg, Aisha Tyler, Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson

Lek was proud to be the first guest of honour from Thailand. "This is such an honour for me, it feels so good to be able to show a positive side of my country." She said proudly.

Lekwith Jennifer Hile and her producer Andrew. Jennier won an award for her National Geographic documentary 'Vanishing Giants'

Against what many would deem impossible odds Lek’s lifelong battle to save elephants by providing a natural homeland has began to receive recognition by esteemed journals including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC, CNN and numerous other media groups from around the globe.

Los Angeles county provided commendation certificate to complete an unforgettable evening of pride and recognition,

"It’s so good to meet so many committed and caring people" beamed Lek "If the world was full of them we wouldn’t projects, unfortunately this is a long way off but there is hope"

Watch our web-video and look out for the Genesis Awards on Animal Planet channel.

Babe actor James Cromwell  - Lek with her husband at the awards.

If you would like to help the project please visit our online shop.
Our new 'No Politics - Just elephants' was very popular with event visitors.

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Home > Elephant Nature Park > News > Elephant Stories

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