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Home > Elephant Nature Park > Press & Media

Press and Media Visitors

We welcome bone fide members of the press with an interest in elephants, conservation and our project. We understand that media have deadlines and appreciate those who understand that we are busy as well. 

The following advice should be followed when making appointments for meetings or park visits.

  1. Filming or writing about the park without appointment and our written approval is not permitted.
  2. Appointments should be made at least two weeks prior to arrival.
  3. Press and media members should be able to produce either press cards and/or previously written related material.
  4. An outline of the story / outline must be supplied.
  5. Expected itinerary is to be given so that transportation (if needed) can be planned.
  6. The park is closed no later than 2 pm each day. We will not make the elephants stay longer than this at the main park area. Morning appointments are always better.
  7. Press visitors, and any supporting crew, are reminded that they must follow our trained staff when instructed. Elephants can be unpredictable and we are not responsible for any accidents.
  8. Our main aim is to look after the elephants, if an incident (eg where an elephant needs urgent treatment) occurs we may have to cancel any appointments without notice.

Click on the "contact us" link on the menu bar to the left to communicate with us.

Home > Elephant Nature Park > Press & Media
Elephant Nature Park