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Click for a real player streaming video of this elephant safari Multi-Media ... Enjoy our elecams in RealPlayer [Real] and Windows Media Player.[WinP]. Also see our tour video's

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Elephant Video's

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Elephant Nature Park introduction. Beautiful views of the park, elephants and surrounding scenery.
[Please be patient - this may take a few minutes to play]

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Our founder Lek is "Guest of Honour" at the prestigious Human Society (HSUS) Genesis Awards - Los Angeles March 03   
Read the story.
Elephant Volunteers expressing themselves in a climate of co-operation and friendship.
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Volunteers. Tales from the mountain, accounts and stories from the volunteers.
Real | WinP < More Volunteer Accounts
  All about the volunteer programme
Jokia's journey. Photo journey of a blind elephant finding her home. Orphan Saved: This courageous infant Ging-Mai's incredible battle for survival.
Read the story.
Real | WinP Settling In:
Real | WinP First steps
Jokia's journey. Photo journey of a blind elephant finding her home. Jokia's Journey: An elderly blind elephant finds her sanctuary. Join the photo trail of her trip to freedom.
Read the story.

Elephant Kid: Unique footage of this wonderful little baby elephant - only one week old.
Read the story.
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